I’m Buying Another Lens Tomorrow… Sigma DC 18-50 2.8-4.5 HSM

I’m buying this lil guy tomorrow and plan on unloading some of Pentax kit lenses on the cheap. I’ve heard many good things about this lens and I’m dying to try it, the wait will be agonizing. I still want to get my hands on a Pentax 35mm 2.4 soon, just after I buy a K-5…

New Lens: Sigma DL Aspherical IF 28-300mm 3.5-6.3

Tonight I bought a new (used) lens! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this and I’ve actually suggested this lens (a different version DG) to some people looking for wide range of focal lengths and I finally got one today off someone on Craigslist. I got it for $40 and the guy threw in a Pentax ZX-7 (film slr) for FREE! It also came with a lens hood so another good score. Hopefully I’ll be able to try it out in the next week or two when I get some time, I’m not expecting much from this lens but at that price why not? I’ll be sure to post some photo’s.

hi im looking to take live music photographs do you have any tips lens-wise or general for the kx? thanks


Well you’re in luck! The K-x was a great choice for taking live music photographs as it’s a beast in low light. The lens choices for this are vast, I’m not sure of what your skills are and if you shoot in manual or auto but i’ll try and help from both angles. First off your lens requirements are going to be looking for a lens(es) with a wide aperture the reason for this is the wide aperture (atleast f/ 2.8) brings in much more light into your camera and the wider aperture is usually faster. The problem with lenses with wider aperture is they can be extremely expensive we’re talking in the high hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single lens. Sure you could use your kit lens with the stock flash or any flash system for that matter but when I shoot, I very rarely use flash, 1. because its rude, 2. many performers don’t like flashes in there face every 3 seconds for an hour and 4. I just don’t like them, but they have their uses. I’m not sure what type of setting/venue you’ll be shooting from but for a stadium or something way far back hundreds of yards away from the performer youre really not gonna find a lens in the average joes price range. Now if you’re shooting at a medium to small size venue ive shot with lenses upto 300mm right down to 18mm.

There’s a lot of options for autofocus lenses that are good for live music photograpahy but once again the expense can be high especially when looking for a “zoom lens” You can’t go wrong with SMC Pentax-DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM. Youre gonna want to find lenses that fit where you stand typically in venues. For autofocus, I personally been only using my Pentax F 50mm 1.7 as it’s small, incredibly fast, sharp,  and it’s incredible in low light. And its typically perfect from where im standing which is 5-20ft away from the performers depending where they are on stage. I made the mistake of going cheap at first, and I bought a Tokina 28-70mm 2.8 and the thing sucks, its slow, struggles to focus and it’s very soft so be leary going for cheap AF lenses as you might buy a dud.

Manual lenses are where its at you can find em cheap with wide apertures theyre fast and they do the job and well. If youre just learning how to use manual, or even if youre not, look for one with an “A” setting as thats auto aperture meaning it will detect how much lights around you and choose the best aperture for what youre doing, this works great on the k-x. You can find cheap 135mm lenses with a f/2.8 which is great and if youre standing a farther bit away you can get a great shot. When I first got my K-x I was on the hunt for lenses (inexpensive that served this very purpose) and this guy suggested Vivitar Series One I knew nothing about them at the time and took a gamble and sold me a Vivitar Series One  28-90mm 2.8 lens, shortly after I got that I got vivitar series one 70-210 2.8 for when and if im farther away. These two are built like  damn tanks, no joke they could double as a weapon and its incredibly sharp and just great in low light and perfect for shooting live music I’d do some research on the lenses as some are better than others and some of which use Komine glass (which are hard to find and the versions I have) but I’m sure any copy is good. These lenses are incredible and have an awesome value as they can be found on ebay regularly for cheap. I actually got my 70-210 2.8 for like 50 bucks on ebay and it’s mint. So look around, if you need any more advice as more lenses let me know and i’ll help ya best I can. Also invest in a monopod, its nice to have at shows especially when filming video, its my most handy tool at a live show and it’s always strapped to the side of my camera bag. I have a Dolica it’s cheap, but sturdy and very lightweight. I’ve never been worried holding my K-x 6ft above a crowds head to get some video.

It’s Been A While…

Sorry for the lack of updates but I wanted to let you know I’m still using my K-x and it’s still running strong! While the new year comes in more cameras roll in with it and as new cameras roll in old ones roll out. 2013 might be the year of the upgrade for me. While the K-x is still awesome it’s starting to show it’s age in some respects, the megapixels are considered low now, there’s better sensors out there now, 1080p video. This was my 1st DSLR and I’ll cherish it forever and while im not hanging up the camera strap yet I’m exploring my options as far as a new DSLR goes.

While Canon and Nikon are obvious choices Pentax holds a spot near and dear to me plus I have so many lenses and gear for Pentax I really dont wanna start buying stuff for a whole new system. I’m leaning towards the K-30 it has everything I want that the K-x doesn’t have and it’s Weather Resistant and believe me out here in New England that makes a difference.  So I think I’m gonna shop around for a used k-30 because I’m poor like that, but that doesnt mean the end of my K-x or this tumblr.

So stayed tuned in 2013 for new photos and news.

Hey, I have a K-x and I'm looking into doing some sports photography and I would like to have the option of zooming in fairly far and still be able to capture moving objects with minimal motion blur. I currently only have the kit lens and a Pentax DAL 50-200mm. My 200mm just doesn't seem to be able to get in close enough so I'm looking into buying another lens. I'm not sure about using fixed zoom lenses and I'm not on a big budget. What would you recommend?

I personally use a Sigma 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 DL Macro , I’ve read that many Pentax users will use fast lens like a 135mm 2.8 with a teleconverter, you can get 135mm 2.8 for cheap off ebay either sears or some similar brand. As far as teleconverters i’ve heard the sigma ones are very good. You can also use these teleconverters on any lens so thatll magnify your shots you can find cheap ones for manual (like the 135) use or you can go the $200 route and get AF sigma like I mentioned above. Youre gonna need good lighting indoors so flash will help greatly, also make sure your shutter speeds are right so the image isnt a blur you may have to do this manually, I’m not sure if the “sports” setting will cut it. How far away do you plan on being? You can find Vivitar lenses that are around 500mm but I’m not sure how good the image quality will be and the speed of the lens probably wouldnt do a good job unless it was outdoors in the middle of the day with no clouds, i bet it would be slow cuz those sports photographers spend big money on their rigs.

I’d suggest going down to a local basketball court, tennis court, soccer field, skate park and just start testing out with the lens you have, adjust your specs constantly and see what kind of images you can pull. And with some cropping I bet you can get some good images. Also I have the same 50-200 DL kit lens and it has the ability to take some really good shots.

I was at a boxing match recently and I was having some serious issues getting a good shot using my Sigma long range zoom wasnt cutting the f4 just could capture a good shot without being blurry. I broke out my trusty Pentax F 50mm 1.7 and was able to snap a few good shots although I didnt have the zoom for the nice close ups i was able to capture some good images then crop it down giving the illusion that I was closer than I really I was.

Let me know if this helps and id love to see the results if you need anything else lemme know.

Today is world Pentax day! Strap up get out there and start shooting!

Today is world Pentax day! Strap up get out there and start shooting!

This was shot with the Pentax Q the video is a must watch for animal lovers.

best blog I've found i have a k-r and your tips have helped a lot. check out the photos visualeuphoria.tumbr.. keep posting bro


Pentax Lenses Skyrocket In Price


Last week over @ The Pentax Forums they unleashed some rather disturbing news about Pentax lenses… they’d be drastically going up in price. This is really unfortunate especially for beginners and anyone who’s on a budget, the price inflation varies but you’re looking at anywhere between 15-90% increase. This is really sad news. Also this will affect the used lens market and I’ve heard prices on older Pentax lenses have already started rising in price.

 Lens Name Price Before Price After
DA 14mm $699.95 $949.95
DA 15mm Limited $509.95 $649.95
DA 21mm Limited $509.95 $649.95
FA 31mm Limited $989.95 $989.95
DA 35mm $169.95 $219.95
DA 35mm Limited Macro $539.95 $699.95
FA 35mm $475.95 $475.95
DA 40mm Limited $339.95 $499.95
DA 40mm XS $249.95 $249.95
FA 43mm Limited $569.95 $569.95
FA 50mm $359.95 $359.95
D-FA 50mm Macro $459.95 $559.95
DA* 55mm $639.95 $799.95
DA 70mm Limited $544.95 $699.95
FA 77mm Limited $784.95 $784.95
D-FA 100mm Macro $599.95 $849.95
DA* 200mm $959.95 $1199.95
DA* 300mm $1124.95 $1399.95
DA 10-17mm Fisheye $519.95 $649.95
DA 12-24mm $699.95 $699.95
DA 16-45mm $339.95 $399.95
DA* 16-50mm $799.95 $1499.95
DA 17-70mm $479.95 $599.95
DA 18-55mm $145.95 $195.95
DA 18-135mm $429.95 $529.95
DA* 50-135mm $849.95 $1599.95
DA 50-200mm $209.95 $249.95
DA 55-300mm $349.95 $429.95
DA* 60-250mm $1295.95 $1999.95 

Pentax F 50mm 1.7 

Tomorrow will be a good day, I’m finally purchasing a Pentax F 50mm 1.7. I was torn between that and the FA 1.4 but I thought I’d save a hundred and when the time comes if I want the FA I can just sell of the F ya know. Has anyone used this on their K-x? I’m really excited to start shooting with it.